No Installation Fee

Patient Portal Included

Data Migration
£ 495+VAT

Prices do not include VAT

Free Trial

Free up to 15 patients. You need to select a subscription plan to get extra features or if the number of patients is over 15.
NOTE: No backup on this plan use at your own risk.

No Installation Fee

A cloud-based software does not require an install.

No Cancellation Fees

Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.
NOTE: There is a minimum of 12 months in case we migrate data from an exisitng software or if we do customisations.

Integrated Text Messages

You can send text messages from the system (charge is 5p per text).

Integrated Mail

You can mail letters from the system (we will print them put in an envelope and send them) (a charge of 74p for the first page and 12p for any additional pages - charged min 2 pages).


We can provide onsite or online training. We charge £45+VAT per hour and we may charge transfer expenses for onsite training.