Cloud 4 Dentists
Manage your dental practice in a completely new way

For an efficient and well organized practice, Cloud 4 Dentists can be very useful to simplify your day by day work and reduce the paper based workload

With a cloud based practice management software there is no need of a server installed in the practice, zero system administration means your staff can focus on the practice management

Full patient record

Patient Search Patient Master Medical History

Patient Dental Charting + Intra/Extra oral charting

Dental Chart Periodontal Chart Soft Tissues

Full treatment lifecyle

Treatment Plan Plan from chart Billing

Doctors are color coded to simplify the calendar management

Doctors Doctor's Calendar

Reports and analytics

Today summary Financial report NHS UDA burn-up

NHS Claim Management

Claims to Submit Claims Submitted Messages from NHS

Recalls and Reminders

Recalls Reminders

eSignature and patient registration form using any tablet

1. Welcome Letter 2. Application Form 3. Medical History 4. Data Privacy 5. Marketing consent

The Welcome letter and the data privacy is fully customisable by the practice. All details are registered in Cloud4Dentists and all the documents signed are generated as PDF and stored on the history of the patient and accessible to the patient via the Patient Portal

Online Booking for your patients

Email Booking Form Online Booking Form

The practice can configure how the patients can book: 1. by calling/emailing the practice, 2. filling a form and the practice will callback, 3. book online by choosing from the available slots

Take payments from patients using SquareUp

1. Open Cloud4Dentists from your Android device
2. The list of pending invoices is displayed
3. Select the invoice to get paid
4. SquareUp will start with the amount to collect prepopulated 5. Patient pays using credit/debit card and the payment is recorded in Cloud4Dentists

SquareUp POS is a affordable and easy way to allow your patients to pay with credit/debit cards. The reader can be bought from Amazon or the SquareUp website.
For more details on SquareUp POS please visit SquareUp website

Patient check-in kiosk

Use face recognition technology to allow your patients to check-in on the day of the appointment using an unattended kiosk fully integrated with Cloud4Dentists reception

Use any computer or device freely, anywhere you want

Works on any computer, device, Smart TV or Smart Phone

No need to pay for an extra licence, just open the browser and browse to our website

Finish your admistrative work from home, no need of staying long hours at the practice

Promote your practice and attract more patients

Integrated website hosted under our Internet domains

Website content managed from the application

Integrated with Google Analitycs

You can use Google AdWords to reach more customers

Cost effective

From £ 55 per practice per month with one user, unlimited computers and devices

NHS integration + £ 10 per practice per month

Patient Portal and Data Protection Law (GDPR)

Patient Portal to allow patients to see and change their data

GDPR (New consent form, Right to access data, Right to cancel the data, Right to download their data)

Integrated Online Booking

Paperless with eReceipt and eSignature

Send your receipts via email

Sign all documents from the application with no need of printing paper


HTTPS/SSL data transfer

Microsoft hosted servers patched regularly

Encypted file system

Non standard software installation

No third party vulnerable software installed on our servers

We partner with Hiscox for cyber security and crisis management


Data migration

We are able to import your data into our system from any commercial database, text export file, Excel file etc

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